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The sanitary rules imposed by the Swiss authorities aks us to make smaller groups, respect the rules of distanciation and eliminate any physical contact between the coaches and the children. The supervisory teams of Body & Mind Academy will help children observe these new rules.

We will favor outdoor activities.

Unfortunately we will no longer be able to prepare lunches, each child will have to bring a picnic. We will continue to offer snacks and fruit (as this does not represent food manipulation on our part)

Our camps could be cancelled if measures required by the authorities become to hard to enforce. In this case you will be reimbursed your camp minus 25chf per child for administration costs.

We strive to diversify the themes and activities of our camps. If you have any ideas or comments, contact us by email. However the organization of the day remains similar.


The activities with external coaches are done in the morning. Depending on the success of the various offers, we continue to offer certain sports and various workshops. For now we offer Tennis (in Schumacher), Breakdance and Acrobatics or Circus Sports (at Zwicky Tanzt) and Football (in Hirzenbach). All our activities are coached by proffessionals and passionate practitionars in their field.


In the afternoons we organize various creative workshops and active games. We always prefer outdoor activities but are subject to bad weather. Children participate and / or play freely, we offer a more intensive sport choice per day for the older children. Typically the sports on offer are martial arts, badminton, volley, basketball, ping pong, football and Parkour. When the weather permits we always include a badi afternoon.

We create whatsapp groups per camp, so we can keep you informed about activities and meeting points.

Snacks, drinks and material for all our activities are included in the price of our camps. Transport is not always included.





CAMP half day:

Your child is registered only for morning activities (tennis, breakdance, acrobatic or football). The activities begin at 9am and finish around noon. We welcome all participants from 8:30 AM on but pick up must be at 12:00, so we can continue our day with the children participating in our full day camps.

CAMP full day:

Choice of an activity in the morning (tennis, acrobatics, breakdance or football; our offer varies with the seasons), lunch (picnic brought by each child) and play & experiment or fun excursions in the afternoons.

It is possible not to register every afternoon. Please contact us.



You can drop off your children from 8:30 am and pick up is untill 17:30. Childcare is included in the price,

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