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Summer 2018, Kimberly de Braconier takes over and continues with the same spirit.
Also a mother of three children, including one in the French system, she builds to enlarge the range of camps: tennis, skiing, hip hop, breakdance music. The focus is always arts and sports.
Body and Mind Academy continues to organise and grow the tennis classes on a semester basis. And is looking into widening the type of classes it can propose, always staying true to it's mission Body and Mind expansion!

The team has grown since the first tennis camp in 2015, but is still providing a family service and adapts to the needs of children and their parents.


Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Welcome to our website and enjoy your visit!

Kimberly de Braconier

Maria Youssefzadeh

Maria, a mother of two living in Dübendorf is the founder of Body and Mind Academy. After a decade working with students and researchers at university level, Maria wanted to focus on future researchers and students. Body and Mind Academy is based on the principle that academic learning benefits from sports and games.

Seeing how difficult it was for international parents in Zurich to find suitable activities and manage children's schedules and journeys, Maria decided in 2015 to offer "all-inclusive" activities for children during holidays. She later added semester courses with school pick up. Most of the activities are in German (Hochdeutsch) and take a step towards linguistic integration in Switzerland. For this project called Localpatriates, Maria won the "Fellowship Children & Youth" innovation award from the Mercator Switzerland Foundation and the Impact Hub Zurich

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