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It is now the sixth year that we offer ski camps during the February holidays.

We meet every morning at 7:30 on the parking in front of the LFZ (Zukunfststrasse in Dübendorf).  We return with sunny smiles every afternoon around 17:15 at the same place. The journey from Zurich to Flumserberg is by bus with our driver Bruno. We have a possible stop at Forch to pick up some children living around there. Let us know if you are interested in that stop.

We have lunch everyday at Restaurant Cresta!

We at Body & Mind coordinate, supervise and take care of the on-site stewardship and our many ski instructors take care of the ski lessons. In case of problems, they contact us to manage the situation, pickup the child at a given meeting point etc. (tel., SMS, Whatsapp.)


In the registration form, we ask you to give us the ski or snowboard level of your child. You can find the parallels between fr. and ch. levels online if necessary. Our certified (Swiss ski School and J+S) ski instructors and specialists will create the level groups on the first day.


Lunch, snacks, drinks, ski pass and transportation are included in the price of the camp. But please make sure your child is well insured for mountain sports and well equipped. To be able to ski your child will need ski, Stocks, boots, gloves, helmet, glasses, etc. If you can label the ski, stocks and boots especially with your childs name this will help not to loose any material. If it's sunny don't forget to put suncream on, we will make sure all the children put more suncream on at lunchtime. Be on time for departure!




Do I have to take additional insurance for the duration of my child's ski camp?

It is strongly recommended that you check with your insurer to find out if your insurance covers the costs of repatriation and hospitalization in the event of an accident.

Is the ski equipment supplied?

The rental of ski equipment is your responsibility (ski, ski stocks, boots, helmet, goggles, gloves etc.)

Is the midday meal included in the price?

Lunch and a snack in the morning and a snack in the afternoon are included.

I do not know the ski level of my child.

If you do not know your child's ski level, tell us how many weeks he has skied or if he is a beginner. For the rest the teachers will make sure to test all children to create groups with appropriate levels.

Is the equipment stored during the week?

Indeed the skis, boots, sticks will remain in the bus during the entire week. Monday all material is loaded and collected by you at the end of the last day of ski camp.

In which language does the course take place?

The ski courses are predominantly in German but most coaches also speak english and some also speak french. The logistic and supervisory staff adapts to the predominant language of the group. Language spoken highly depends on the week.

Which ski-station?


How do you go to flumserberg?

By bus morning and evening. The bus leaves Dübendorf to flumserberg in the morning (at 7:45) and returns to Dübendorf at the end of the afternoon (around 17h15).

Will my child have a certificate at the end of the internship?

The ski instructors will establish a Body & Mind Academy Certificate containing capabilities of each child and an estimate of their level at the end of the course. All our ski instructors are also teachers at the Swiss ski schools. Their evaluation therefore has the same value as a ski instructor at any Swiss ski school. They will be based on Swiss requirements.

My child wants to be in the same group as his brother cousin friend etc is this possible?
When ski levels match we try to create groups according to affinity and age however, the ski proffesseurs ultimately decide according to their criteria (ski level and security). Of course, during trips and meals, children naturally group around their friends.

I want to enroll 2 children do I get a discount?

Yes we offer family discounts and Early Bird discounts.

Can my child come with his mobile phone?
The use of mobile phones on the ski slopes is strongly discouraged. The child can however use his phone during bus trips but must leave it in the bus or keep it in a closed pocket during the day to avoid personal injury, loss or deterioration of the phone, theft etc.


My child is used to skiing with us but does not know how to put on his shoes alone.
On arrival on the slopes at the descent of the bus our group of supervisors help children to close their ski boots. It would be helpful to teach your child to recognize their boots knowing that there will be lots of identical models.... (label skis, boots and sticks with waterproof ink if possible) and maybe practice putting on shoes on wet ground, while avoiding wetting socks :)) ... We help all children putting on their equipment.


I see that there is soup on the menu, does my child have to eat it?
We do not force anyone to eat anything. From experience we know, however, that encouraging children to taste can have very positive results. And thanks to group emulation, we have seen soup haters become fans of Cresta soups and salads.

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